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About Bekina®

Since 1962, Bekina® has been creating innovative, qualitative products which are found in the most diverse niche sectors worldwide ánd which – consciously or unconsciously - you come across in your daily life as well.

The milk your children drank this morning, may have come from a cow milked by a farmer wearing Bekina® Boots. You enjoy a good night’s sleep? There is a good chance you are sleeping on slatted bases with suspensions of Bekina® Indurub. Driving through a tunnel? It may very well have been sealed with the water swellable sealing joints produced by Bekina® Compounds.

Our products are found anywhere in the world today.

Passion, innovation and persistence are pivotal factors for both the development and production as well as for the commercialisation of products in the most diverse niche markets.

These are extremely challenging times and as a company we have to be agile. More than ever before, we are fully committed to Bekina®.

Bekina® is the joint company name for Bekina® Boots, Bekina® Compounds, Bekina® Indurub and BeSealed.

Thanks to the cross-pollination of departments and business units Bekina® today is an innovative company group, ready for the future. Each business unit is joint market leader in its own specialty. Innovation is key to our organisation.